29 August 2007


It's pear season around our house! The kitchen is filled with them since I pick 2-3 newly ripe ones daily. I feel so lucky to have a pear tree in our yard, especially since these pears taste at least 10 times better than any pear from the grocery store. I'm not even sure what kind of pears they are. All I know is that when we bought the house, we missed pear season by 1 month so we didn't even know we had a pear tree until last year when we noticed them growing and couldn't believe it. Unfortunately we live in an area where there is quite a bit of foot traffic since we are so close to the hospital/clinic and last year I think a lot of people stole pears off the tree since we've already picked more than we had total last year and there are still plenty on the tree. I'm glad I didn't have to put a DO NOT MESS WITH THE PEARS sign out. Oh, and the most recent newfangled piece of technology at our house is a video camera. It arrived yesterday and resulted in this: