27 March 2008

playing catch up

Last weekend was our 7th (!!) Craft Saturday event and it ended up being a huge success. It was wonderful to see so many familiar and so many new faces come through. It's really starting to feel like there's a small crafty community in Des Moines. So exciting! This whole week has been spent playing catch up. It's amazing how far behind you can get when you're glued to your sewing machine all day for a couple weeks. So many emails to catch up on, blogs to read and errands to run. My poor feet have gotten the run around too (in a good way) as I surprisingly made it to the gym 3 times this week and it's not even Friday yet. I'm hoping our weather will finally turn to spring one of these days. We had a couple warm days this week, but today has been filled with rain, snow, sleet and more rain. I'm ready for warm weather so I can finally wear my new shoes around town. Warm weather also means the start of garage sale season, which I couldn't be more excited about but I'm sure Joe is dreading!