24 September 2008

You could win!

This vinyl apple brooch and vintage fabric clutch are headed out in the mail tomorrow to be part of the prize package for the 3rd Annual Indie Parade Giveaway coming up soon!

23 September 2008

Lightning shot from the sky

A rainy night here in Ames. For me rain actually makes the perfect working weather if I'm already working. If not, it's not the greatest motivator to get things done. I have spent at least 10 hours sewing today in preparation for this weekend, so I don't have much to blog about. The only time I left the house was to grab dinner and some gelato with Joe. Tomorrow is another full day of sewing! I'm working on new wallet ideas I've been waiting to play around with and stitching up a custom wallet for a super sweet Des Moines girl. Tonight calls for finishing up some fancy zipper pouches and tagging everything that's already ready to go. Back to work!

22 September 2008

Is it really the first day of fall?

Well I can say that I have totally fallen off the blogging wagon. I was planning on updating more often but of course life has a way of sneaking in and stealing most of my time. These days it's a challenge just to keep up with email and a blog or two if I'm lucky. My recent Twitter addiction does not help things either. Since we've been home from California we've made a few larger home repairs in our home and worked on getting it ready to sell, put in a bid on a dream house and lost to someone else, taken another vacation to visit my family, and taken some time to talk, think and follow our hearts in where we really want to live next. There's changes on the horizon and most of them are exciting, some are scary, and some may even be surprising. But until some things work themselves out I am going to be glued to my sewing machine this week prepping for Craft Saturday this weekend. Shoppers at Art Fence a couple weeks ago wiped me out a little more than I thought they would, but I can't complain. It just means I get to make even more new and exciting things! I bought a stack of fall colored fabrics this morning to help me get inspired. I've also got a new sewing machine to help ease the burden on my regular machine - a lucky score for only $5 a few weeks ago at a church rummage sale. My goal for this week is to blog every day in the hopes of trying to post regularly. I'll have plenty of new Monster Fashion items to share and I still have photos from a special destination in California to upload!