16 April 2008

Life is a flow of love

Spring is finally starting to bloom in Iowa! This past weekend I took a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul to visit family and head to the Minneapolis Textile Center's annual fabric garage sale. The fabric sale was crazy, not only with the amount of fabric that was available to dig through, but in the number of people that lined up in the cold before the doors opened. Despite having to squeeze through aisles that were too narrow, I still managed to score some great finds. I also found a few great fabrics at thrift stores and one fabric shop that was going out of business. I'll share my finds here as soon as I get them washed up. My mug above was a small find from the local university surplus sale today. I found my tea fortune very fitting for Downshifting Week coming up next week. Not only is Downshifting Week about finding ways to live a little greener, but taking time to slow down and enjoy life. I know that I, like many others, easily get wrapped up in work or other projects and don't take the time to slow down and enjoy what I'm doing, or even take time to drop whatever I'm doing and spend some quality time with loved ones. I hope you too will be inspired to spend next week living lightly among your nearest and dearest!