22 April 2008

Feeling the Method love

In honor of Earth Day and my love for Method (I am an advocate after all), I thought I would share about some fantastic things they have going on right now. Last week they sent me a free copy of their new book above and I have to say while part of it talks about all the nasty things in our homes (not only in the cleaning products we use but other things like our paint and carpets), part of it is also really really depressing and overwhelming. There's so many things in our homes that have nasty stuff in them, and there's no way to change every single thing at once even though you'll want to. I've been a user of Method products since they hit the shelves at Target, but I don't use their products for all of my cleaning. This book has convinced me to switch, not necessarily to all of their products, but to using 100% biodegradable and earth friendly products for any kind of cleaning. Whether it's store bought or something as simple as mixing up some baking soda and vinegar, it's definitely better for all of us in the long run. Their book is not only about what we use to clean, but also the way we live in our homes and the choices we make when buying new goods. Did you know that items like "wrinkle free" clothes and bed sheets often release formaldehyde? Or that the fabric softener or dryer sheets you use to keep your clothes "fresh" probably contains beef fat? Gross huh? Overall, I think even though it is depressing it's important to learn these things so we can make the decisions we can afford to in an effort to detox our homes and the environment. On a happier note, Method also released their new line of baby and kid products today. I got a box in the mail this week that had a couple full size samples and some coupons inside. I'm planning on testing out the products tonight so I'll post a full report tomorrow and maybe do a little giveaway for the coupons (they're for a free baby or kid product up to $4.99!) if there are any lurkers out there who are interested. One last note, because I can't make this post all about Method, have you seen the new RuMe bags for sale over at Delight? These are probably the best reusable bags I've seen yet. I know I can easily stitch up my own but sometimes you just need something that's a little sturdier. I've been carrying around my Danny Seo bag for months now but I'm finding that sometimes I need more than just one bag while I'm out, and something that folds up a little smaller. I bought a set of Envirosax when they came out but ended up giving them away as a birthday present so I'm really excited to try these out. If you're as smitten as I am, try using promotional code DCDELIGHT from the Daily Candy Deals email a few weeks ago. It still worked for me when I ordered this afternoon and it'll get you 30% off!

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