24 April 2008

The Method Verdict

I put both of the Method products I received this week to the test (the kids 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash in fuzzy peach and the baby hair + body wash in rice milk + mallow). The experience can be summed up in two words: Yum! Yum! The Peach Kids 3 in 1: How can you not love a product that you can not only use to wash and condition your hair but also to scrub your body? If you love peaches you will love the smell of this. I like this product a lot. I can see myself using this in those times where I need to shower in a hurry, or when I want to smell lovely peaches. The only issue I had with it was figuring out how to get it open. There's a round plastic piece that you are supposed to "lift and pull" off the bottom which then leaves an opening for you to just squeeze out the product. I suggest twisting the little plastic feet off the bottom for an easier grip on the tab. The Baby Hair + Body Wash It's unfortunate I don't yet have a baby to test this on, but I can't complain about using it on myself because the smell is divine! I don't know if it's that hint of marshmallow smell or what but it smells so good I wanted to eat it. I didn't give this product the full test and only used it on my hands and part of my forearms, but it left them silky smooth with a lovely after smell. The packing on this product is pretty genius too. At first I thought the funny green dome was rather wasteful but it actually has a hole for your finger and is meant to be used as a cup to rinse off the baby! If any of you try out any of the other products I'd love to hear about why you love them. I know I sound like a Method freak, but I guess I am. I love their products and I'm fortunate that they send me free stuff to try out. If you're interested in getting free stuff from them hop on over to their website and sign up to be an advocate.

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Anonymous said...

i just saw these new items from method at target last week. i was so excited! i told my daughter as soon as we are done with her current bath toiletries, we are going method! :)