14 May 2008

On Houses and My Mid-Century Dream Home

Now there are definitely some cool mid-century houses here in my small city (a whole neighborhood in fact) and a few in Des Moines, but when I saw this amazing home listed for sale in Des Moines, I was blown away. Of course we could never afford it, thus it's a dream home, but we've been looking through the Des Moines real estate listings since January and continue to find ourselves drawn to the unique and funky looking houses from the 50's & 60's. There are some cute ranches out there, but I want something a little more than that but from that same era. As an alternative option we've also put some serious consideration into building one of the Rocio Romero LVL prefab homes. Despite all of that, we have a few things we need to work on within our current home before we list it for sale and now that the weather is nice I'm hoping we can get a move on things! Here's a few photos of my dream home (how wonderful would it be if furnishings were included sans those creepy animal rugs?) - you can find lots more photos in the listing right here


Erin Randolph said...

Wow! That house is amazing! Hard to believe it's in Des Moines.

Jadewicks Home Goodness said...

Good Lord! That's in Des Moines? *shock* It's prettttty. :)